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June 2024 Seizing the Moment: Real-Time Event Data Analysis for Immediate Impact

Angela Tupper and I will be discussing real-time event data analysis and how it can be used to drive immediate impact. We will be talking about the importance of real-time data in the events industry, how to collect and analyze data during the registration period and beyond, and how to use this data to make informed decisions. This will also be an opportunity to learn about AI’s influence on event technology and how it can be harnessed to analyze data in real-time. Register here for Seizing the Moment: Real-Time Event Data Analysis for Immediate Impact.


February 2024 Leadership Unplugged - Scaling Technology, People and Culture | E9

I was recently invited by Aaron Stebbings to speak on Leadership Unplugged where we discussed scaling technology, people, and culture. We talked about the importance of building a strong team, the challenges of scaling a business, and the role of leadership in creating a positive work environment. We also touched a bit on my personal journey and career. You can listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.